Why Vanderbilt? 校友感言

2014-04-24 05:18

很多小伙伴应该都有看到我们Office of Undergraduate Admissions Blog上在校学生关于Why Vanderbilt?的回复。(如果你还没有看过的话点击这里查看From Current Students: Why did you choose Vanderbilt?) 同时,为了给大家提供中国留学生在范德堡的感受,主页君也询问了一些近两年从范德堡本科毕业的中国校友两个问题:Why did you choose Vanderbilt? What is the most important thing you learnt as a commodore?



Cathy Tang (Shanghai, China. Major: Human and Organizational Development, Vanderbilt 2013. Current Job Title: Consultant.)

“I wanted to experience something different :). I‘ve lived in California as a kid, but I want to throw myself into somewhere completely different to push myself outside of the comfort zone.”

 “Embrace who you are. All your experiences, good and bad, shaped who you are.”


Jessie Fan (Guangzhou, China. Major: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt 2013. M.S. Candidate, Subsurface Geoscience, Rice University 2016.)

“I chose Vanderbilt because the campus is stunning and it offers excellent liberal arts education. By taking liberal arts courses, you begin to learn how to think and tackle problems critically. Through 4 years of studying, you will find yourself see things and develop your own thoughts logically. When you communicate with people from many other schools, you will see the difference and realize how excellent Vanderbilt is.”


Wei Kong (Shenzhen, China. Major: Economics & Arts, Vanderbilt 2012. M.BA. Candidate, Stanford 2016)

“I chose Vanderbilt because of its excellent liberal arts education.”

 “The most important thing is to learn to accept, understand, appreciate diversity and think differently.”


Cheng Ma (Tianjin, China. Major: Economics, Vanderbilt 2013. Current Job Title: Risk Management Analyst)

“I was emailing different schools’ admission offices, and Vandy gave me the warmest and most detailed reply. So I was thinking this seems to be a welcoming place and spend the next four years. And it is :).”

“Be open-minded. I never thought I could go outdoor rock climbing or working with CEOs as a part of my curriculum.”


Tina He (Shanghai, China. Major: Economics, Political Science & Math, Vanderbilt 2013. Current Job Title: Investment Analyst.)

“Vanderbilt has a beautiful campus. It provides me a great liberal arts education with numerous student organizations, study abroad opportunities, and a place to make lifelong friends.”

“It is hard to pick one thing as Vanderbilt shaped my perspective in many ways—the ability, the empowerment, and the courage to find your solution to anything.”


John Cao (Guangzhou, China. Major: Biology &


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