Happy new year: 同学们!我们代表RIT中国学生会给大家拜晚年拉!祝大家策马奔腾,学业有成,马到成功! 今年RIT中国学生会,RIT中国文化社首次联合邻校罗切斯特大学中国学生会在我校举办元宵&情人节联欢会!我们诚挚邀请各位同学参加本次联谊活动,一起欣赏两校同学的才艺表演,参与互动游戏及抽奖,届时我们将提供餐饮和点心。希望可以通过本次两校合作的机会让大家结交到更多的罗村朋友! 活动时间地点和票务将在本周末另行公告 感谢大家的支持! 2014-02-05
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TENCENT OVERSEAS RECRUITING腾讯校园招聘海外专线 2014年04月11日 06:19:11


Tencent, China’s largest and most used internet service portal, is providing a boundless platform for global top talents to make an impact to the whole world. If you are passionate about product (QQ, Wechat and game) development and design, if you desire to be part of Tencent’s global impact, and if you hope to team up with world class engineering and design professionals, JOIN US!


To impact the world is just a click away. Please go to our website: join.qq.com to explore the opportunities and submit your resume onlinebefore April 12, 2014 (China Standard Time) Below is a quick overview of the positions.


Position (Chinese)

Position (English)




Game Designer

Master & PhD

CS, design and related field.


Game Art Designer

Master & PhD

Art, design and related field. Proficient with Photoshop and 2D/3D designing tools.


Visual Designer

Master & PhD

Art, design and related field. Proficient with Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator.


Interactive Designer

Master & PhD

Industrial design, interactive design, computer science, software engineering, psychology and related field.


Product Designer and Developer

Master & PhD

Computer science and related field. Experience with


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