PATA China (Nankai) Student Chapter Young Tourism Professionals Challenge中国青年旅游专家挑战赛闭幕

2013-05-30 13:22




The preliminary of Young Tourism Professionals Challenge held by PATA Nankai Student Chapter came to a close in Tianjin May 14, 2013.Ten of the works were selected by the jury among twenty five works sent by many Universities.

The PATA Student Chapter of Nankai University (PATA Nankai) is a new member of the big family of Pacific Asia Tourism Association. The Young Tourism Professionals Challenge held by PATA Nankai this time, follows the PATA tradition, facing to all the undergraduates in China, aiming to broaden their horizon and inspire their creativeness in tourism, providing a platform for young tourism professionals to show, a chance to interact between academia and industry of tourism.

Based on the theme of PATA this year-- ’visitor economy’, PATA Nankai put forward three subdivided theme for all the candidates to chose. PATA Nankai wants to absorb the new ideas of tourism from diversity undergraduates who come from different universities and majors. The Challenge consists of two parts: first, is to select Top 10 among all the works submitted; second, is to select the final three-class rewards among Top 10.

Nankai PATA had prepared for the Challenge ahead of time for nearly one month. The planning of the Challenge was made at the very beginning. Before the preliminary started, Nankai PATA had negotiated with the College of Tourism and Service Management of NKU and the Nankai University. When propagandizing the Challenge, PATA Nankai not only broadcasted this news in Nankai University, but informed other universities about it, by using Weibo, Renren and Email. All these preparations leave a solid foundation for the beginning of the Challenge.

After the Challenge began, many students and teachers from different universities have show great attention on it and joined in actively. In the preliminary stage, from April 20th to May 10th, PATA have received 25 works from many universities, including Nankai University, Sun Yet-Sen University, Beijing International Studies University, etc. Some of the works, like ‘More Affection for Tourism’ , ‘Call for Travel ’, were especially praised by jury. The jury, formed by academia and industry, had decided and announced the Top 10, which will enter next stage of challenge, after careful consideration, in May 14th, 2013.

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