Raising Culture - Stanford Leadership Workshop

2013-10-21 14:18

A workshop organized in collaboration with Raising Culture to explore the creative universe of young students.

Venue: Stanford University.


Raising Culture, based in Beijing, is organizing a group of innovation-focused high school and college students with a goal of becoming socially responsible world citizens and who are enrolled in leadership programs in various schools all across China to visit Stanford for a youth workshop. The workshop will introduce topics that link creativity with innovation and leadership. The workshop affords life lessons in preparing for the transition from high school to college, and encouraging a passion for lifelong learning.

Key elements of the workshop will include:

  • Talks by guest speakers, including Stanford researchers and alumni, who will share their personal ideas, insights, perspectives and life experiences.
  • Interactive individual and team activities to promote emotional intelligence, creative thinking and leadership.
  • Project work to demonstrate the process of innovation and develop leadership insights.
  • Field visits at Stanford and around Silicon Valley focused on the culture of discovery and innovation.
  • Mentoring by CSDGC interns, including Stanford and local high school students.


About Raising Culture:


Raising Culture, as the representative of the Council on International Educational Exchang


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