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AIESEC “Make a difference” BUDDY PROGRAM 2013年02月20日 20:43:59


AIESEC   “Make a difference”





  AIESECMake a difference”  BUDDY  PROGRAM是什么?

Buddy原意是“伙伴,同伴”,即海外志愿者参与志愿活动期间的伙伴。我们期待更多的中国青年参与到我们的公益活动中,陪同参加“make a difference”项目的海外志愿者游玩,成为他们的生活助手,通过多文化交流获得异国友谊,成为他们在中国最亲密的朋友。




姓名:Anna Michelle




就读大学:德国帕德博恩大学(University Paderborn in Paderborn Germany)



going to a fitness club,jogging, go skiing, playing billiard with friends and she love cooking and also eating



Hi! My name is Anna and I am studying International Business Studies at the university of Paderborn. I will join the make a difference project and I am really excited to visit China. I am a friendly and active person. I love to see new things and talk to new people. Sometimes I am a little bit clumsy but I am also honest and reliable. I would be happy if you have the pleasure to show me the town and your culture. Furthermore I am convinced that we will have nice time and multicultural experience.



I would like to have a lively and outgoing person who wants to spend time with me. For example the person go eating with me and spend some leisure time together with me. Moreover it would be greatly with the person could give me advice about Beijing and places which are not touristic attracts but also nice to visit.





姓名:Inna Sawatzki








She is anopen-minded person who likes to experience new things. She love music, which ranges from Minimal Tech-House to classical music, and She enjoy reading books. Nevertheless, She also like to go out with friends and celebrate :)



Hello! :)

My name is Inna, I live in Germany and I am 22 years old.

I am very excited about visiting China and really appreciate the possibility to experience this journey. As it is the first time for me that I go abroad for such a long time and that far away, I can´t wait to pack my bags, wave to Germany a happy “Goodbye!” (even I didn´t ever see the inside of an airport), and have a lots of fun with you during the project.

I hope that I can support the project successfully and, as I am also an “immigrant kid”,  to really make a little difference for the kids.

I´m looking forward to see you soon.



I would like to have a Buddy who will support me during the whole project. That means that my Buddy is accessible if I have any questions or problems. But I would also really appreciate if that person would like to show me something about the Chinese culture and the city in our free time.





姓名:Hannah L. Magsayo







Taking pictures (photography), watch movies, trying out new foods, cooking, read books, hanging out with friends, surfing the internet exploring new places and sometimes she love to party.



Hi! I am the kind of person who you will not regret to be with. When I'm with my friends, I really make sure that they will not be bored and they will not feel intimated to me. I'm not a choosy kind of person, so I'm just cool with everything and I really know how to adjustment with my environment.  I love to taste exotic foods, explore new sceneries, make friends, try new adventures and I love to immerse in a social cause and create impact. Moreover, I am passionate with everything that I do. I really put my 100% dedication/effort on my work because I believe that we only live once, so I don't want to regret in the end but I'm not a perfectionist person.



My kind of buddy that I want is a person who I can treat him/her as my b


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