SNCB's new transport plan

2014-11-17 04:01

On December 15th 2014 the SNCB’s new transport plan will take effect. 

The goal is a robust timetable with less delays and more clarity.

Do you commute to university by train and do you want to know what the new transport plan will change for you? Be sure to check the new service. Do not forget to change to date to December 15th.

On Thursday 13 November the SNCB will be present at the VUB for more information and to inform about changes to routes. Their information stand will be in the cafeteria on the Etterbeek campus, from 11:30am to 02:00pm

Please read a brief overview of the consequences of the new SNCB transport plan below.

Etterbeek Campus

For those coming from Landen-Leuven, there are direct links to Etterbeek:

  • Two connections in the morning: arrival in Etterbeek at 7:37 and 8:37 (departure in Leuven at 6:16 and 7:16).
  • Two connections in the evening: departure in Etterbeek at 16:24 and 17:24 (arriving in Leuven at 17:07 and 17:10).

Those who come in from Halle, can rely on two direct connections to Etterbeek per hour with the new timetable. A direct train connection remains between Halle and Delta.

For those who come from Mechelen and Vilvoorde, there will continue to be one train per hour to Etterbeek and one train per hour to Delta. Once the Schuman-Josaphat tunnel  opens at the end of 2015, additional connections will be a possibility.

There will still be two connections per hour between the North-South axis and Etterbeek. However, there will also be the opportunity to travel to Brussels North from Etterbeek via Brussels-Luxembourg (every hour Xh29). The two additional P-trains during the morning p


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