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MBA招聘访谈-克里斯蒂拍卖行 2013年05月31日 22:17:02


著名的克里斯蒂拍卖行在全世界超过30个国家设有分部。近年来,克里斯蒂拍卖行在保持了一贯的重用MBA毕业生的同时,还在广大发展中国家,包括中国和印度,积极的招贤纳士。下个月,在上海,克里斯蒂拍卖行还将开设国内首家拍卖行!本周,我们专访了克里斯蒂拍卖行的招聘经理Toby Monk

Many would assume that in a global economic crisis,many fine arts auction houses would struggle but this hasn’t been thecase. `

Operating in 32 countries, Christie’s has had manynotable auctions including the iconic black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn inBreakfast at Tiffany’s (2006) and George Washington’s personal annotated copyof the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (2012). A few weeks ago, acontemporary art auction at Christie’s in New York totaled a record$495m, establishing 16 new world records while doing so.

Of the many auction houses, Christie’s is one theoldest and most prestigious. We spoke to Recruitment Manager Toby Monk, whooverseas hiring in the EMERI (Europe, Middle East, Russia and India) region.

You oversee hiring across Europe, the Middle East,Russia and India. Have you visited many of these places, if so, which is yourfavourite?

I have not had the chance to visit Russia yet sadly,it’s high on my to-do list. I would love to go to Moscow, and St Petersburg tovisit the Hermitage Museum.

Which region do you hire most people from and why is that?

We truly are a global business so that’s a hardquestion to answer, clearly in any given location there will be a naturalleaning towards the local nationality but for example here in London we haveemployees from all over the world.

What do you think is Christie’s biggest selling pointwhen recruiting MBAs?

I think what we sell and who we sell it to is the bigdraw; we have such amazing items coming through our doors and we sell them toan interesting client group. In addition if you look at the big picture this isall set to the backdrop of a hugely vibrant global art market.

How many MBAs do you expect to hire this year and inwhich positions?

This is a hard question to answer, it’s not as thoughwe have a quota to reach. MBA profiles sit well within several business areasincluding Strategy, Finance and Business Development to name a few; as such Ifully expect that we will be hiring a significant number of MBA grads in 2013.

Besides an academic interest in art, what else do youtypically look for in an MBA?

As we are a very international business both in termsof our geographic spread and the international nature of our employee andclient base, having an international profile including strong language skillsis always interesting for us; as are people who have had experience inindustries servicing High Net Worth individuals i.e. Luxury Brands or WealthManagement.

What sets Christie’s apart from other art auctionhouses?

For me it’s simple; we are extremely innovative. Wewish to retain the best aspects of our incredible heritage whilst embracing newtechnologies and w


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