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人大MBA帮助我重回金融圈 2013年03月22日 20:04:55


After three years dealing with endless foreign trademark applications, Lu Wang at the age of 26 said farewell to her “stable but dry” job at respectable China Science Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd and decided to do an MBA, and she didn’t have to look too far.

Determined to stay in the Chinese capital where she came as an 18-year-old undergraduate student, Wang was admitted to Beijing's prestigious Renmin University School of Business as one of the 260 full-time MBA students in its class of 2010.

Wang studied her Bachelors degree in Economics at the Beijing Youth University For Political Science, before working as a trademark specialist. Keen to transition in to a job more closely related to economics and finance, Wang decided it was time to go back to school for a career boost.

Unlike many of her compatriots, Wang opted against the idea of studying overseas. “I didn’t fancy going abroad,” says San Menxia-native, who was already married at the time. “The Chinese economy is one of the most lively ones in the world, so what’s the point of going abroad to study when you know you will come back afterwards?"

“If you want to gain the most practical knowledge of doing business locally in China, to me that’s a no-brainer [to study a China-based MBA program],” she says.

Also citing family commitments and financial reasons as key reasons for her decision, Wang left her well-paid job and used her life savings to pay for the two-year intensive MBA run in Beijing’s vibrant Haidian district.

“No, it’s not a gamble,” says Wang, quickly repainting the blueprint she had already drawn before going to her MBA classes. “[Returning to] School was a platform for me to get back to working in finance and economics. I was certain that with the contacts I made and the knowledge I learnt I could open many doors by graduation.”

It proved to be a successful investment: Wang soon secured a role at Mercedes-Benz as a junior business officer upon graduation in June 2012, responsible for the global automobile giant’s business development in the Beijing area. Looking back, Wang credits her MBA degree and “substantial” contacts she made during her MBA as the main reasons she got the job.

“In the short-term, the contacts I was able to make during the two years' study were the most beneficial,” says Wang, who was frequently impressed and inspired by her classmates’ ability to “quickly grow new business ideas in to something sustainable”.

But the jo


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