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        Staying in bed poses a risk of falling behind or being seen as a slacker. But showing up sick, and grossing out or infecting colleagues, can be worse, and a growing number of employers are setting policies to discourage it. 


        'People get really, really ticked off at co-workers spreading germs in the workplace. There's nothing worse than being Typhoid Mary,' says Annie Stevens, a managing partner at ClearRock, a Boston leadership-development and career-transition consultant. 

        清岩公司(ClearRock Inc.)是波士顿一家管理层人员培训及职业介绍公司。该公司的执行合伙人史蒂文斯(Annie Stevens)说,同事在工作场所传播病毒,这真的会让人非常恼火。没有什么比把疾病传染给别人的行为更糟糕的了。 

        This year's outbreak of whooping cough, or pertussis─projected to be the worst in 53 years─brings a new, highly contagious risk to the workplace, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recent outbreaks of hantavirus and norovirus are also raising concerns about transmissible diseases.  

       据美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)称,预计今年百日咳的爆发程度将是53年以来最严重的一次,工作场所因此成了感染百日咳的高风险地区。最近,汉坦病毒和诺如病毒的爆发也加剧了人们对传染病的担忧。 

        While email, Skype and teleconferencing make it easier in some jobs to call in sick and still participate in critical meetings or decisions, a person may end up being drawn into doing so much work they fail to take time to heal.   


         And it isn't always easy to tell when you're too contagious for the cubicle or conference room. (Having a fever doesn't help decision-making, either.) The 24-hour rule pediatricians preach to parents─that a child with the flu should stay home from school or day care at least 24 hours after the fever and symptoms go away─usually holds true for adults too, says Loreen Herwaldt, a professor of epidemiology and hospital epidemiologist at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  

       此外,你也很难知道,自己什么时候应该请假,以避免把疾病传染给办公室或会议室里的其他人(发烧对你的决策力可没什么好处)。爱荷华大学医院与医学中心(University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics)流行病学教授、医院流行病学家赫尔瓦德(Loreen Herwaldt)说,儿科医生常常告诉家长,小孩子得了感冒应该向学校或托儿所请病假,在发热和其他症状消失后在家里至少还要再呆上24个小时,这个24小时原则同样也适用于成人。 

        But people with the flu can infect others a day before symptoms set in, the CDC says. Bystanders can catch the flu from a person standing as far as six feet away, usually via respiratory droplets spread when the sufferer coughs, sneezes or talks. And people with pertussis are highly infectious when the illness often looks like little more than a common cold, in the first one or two weeks.


        Calling in sick can be awkward. Evelyn Hamilton of Washington, D.C., says her job as a customer-service coordinator for students with disabilities at a university requires a lot of energy and an upbeat attitude. Otherwise, she says, her clients feel she is 'not being sensitive to their needs.' While Ms. Hamilton's boss is understanding when she occasionally calls in sick because she's exhausted, 'I do struggle with how I phrase it so that I'm not lying,' she says. 'I don't want to say my mother is sick…if that's not the case.' Instead, she is brief and straightforward: 'I'm not feeling well enough to come in today.'

          打电话请病假是一件挺别扭的事。华盛顿特区的汉密尔顿(Evelyn Hamilton)在一所大学担任残疾学生的客服协调员,她说,她的工作需要付出许多精力,并且要保持乐观的态度。否则,学生们会感到她对他们的需要漠不关心。汉密尔顿偶尔打电话请病假时,她的老板都非常理解,因为她的工作确实是让她精疲力尽,不过她说,我在措辞方面确实经历了一番挣扎,目的是让自己听起来不像在说谎。我不会用我妈妈病了这样的借口来请假,除非事实真的是这样。她一般都会采用一种简洁明了的方式:我今天感觉不舒服,没法来上班了。

        Many supervisors say they appreciate and respect a simple statement that an employee is too ill to work. Giving too many graphic details, or trying too hard to sound sick with 'a very artistic fake cough, or saying, 'Oh, I have such a headache I can hardly talk,'' can spark suspicions that an employee is lying, says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder, a hiring-consulting firm in Chicago.

         许多主管说,他们希望员工在请病假时只做简单表述,即“因病无法工作”就可以了。芝加哥招聘咨询公司CareerBuilder的人力资源副总裁哈夫纳(Rosemary Haefner)说,如果员工添加太多生动的细节,或是过分地表现自己生病了,比如非常造作的假咳嗽,或者说,“噢,我的头太疼了,简直没法说话了”,这会让对方怀疑你在说谎。 

        Just 85% of employees say they are always honest when they call in sick. And 1 in 7 women has lied about being ill, compared with 1 in 5 men, according to a 2011 survey of 5,250 working professionals by the career website theFIT, a unit of recruiting-software maker Bullhorn.  

       根据招聘软件制造商Bullhorn旗下招聘网站theFIT 2011年对5,250名上班族所做的调查,仅有85%的员工表示,自己从未在打电话请病假时说过谎。职场女性中,有七分之一的人曾为了请假谎称有病,相比之下,男性的这一比例是五分之一。 

        'A lot of employers are wrestling with the sick-time conundrum'─how to get people to work when they're healthy enough, and keep them away when they're not, says Carol Sladek, a partner at Aon Hewitt, in Lincolnshire, Ill., a human-resource consulting unit of Aon PLC of London. 

        总部位于伦敦的怡安集团(Aon PLC)旗下的人力资源咨询子公司、伊利诺伊州林肯郡(Lincolnshire)的怡安翰威特(Aon Hewitt)的合伙人斯拉戴克(Carol Sladek)说,许多公司都面临着与员工请病假有关的难题──如何才能保证员工在健康状况可以的时候正常上班,生病的时候则在家休息。

        Some employers have policies that encourage sick people to come to work, offering cash or gifts for perfect attendance. Sal DeConcilio of Staten Island, N.Y., says he sometimes worked shoulder-to-shoulder with sick co-workers on a former job as a mail carrier because their employer allowed exchanging unused sick days for additional years on their pensions. 'They'd be coughing and sneezing, working next to you,' Mr. DeConcilio says. 

        一些公司制定了鼓励员工带病上班的政策,为全勤员工提供现金或是物质奖励。纽约斯坦顿岛(Staten Island)的德康西里奥(Sal DeConcilio


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