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Adam的访谈 关于对Taylor的表白 2011年06月16日 23:44:32


US: Is your cover of Taylor Swift's 'Enchanted' on the new album?
AY: It's not on the new record. That was such a fun thing to do. The plan was to surprise everybody and put that out for Valentine's Day. I had been planning it for a while. It's fun to see kids reactions. I never heard back from Taylor but I'm sure she's busy.
US: Do you think anything is going to ever happen between you two?
AY: I'm not sure. She's a great person, and I am so inspired by her music and the person herself, She is who her music makes her out to be. She's a superstar and I'm just this kid from a small town in the middle of nowhere, so I feel like that peasant in the midst of a princess and that whole classic story. But who knows? There's no telling.
US: Are you still single?
AY: Yes.
US: Were you surprised when the 'Enchanted' song came out and it was about you?
AY: Yeah I was! I bought her record at midnight when it came out and I was playing through it top to bottom. I love the classic adding up the letters in her lyrics. I got to that song and it added up to my name and I had to take a step back and decipher the code. We emailed back and forth for a while and she made some comment that I used the word 'Enchanted' and the word 'Wonderstruck' in an email and she said how she had never heard anyone really use that word before, so when that word was in the song, I was like this song has to be about me.

US: Did you also feel enchanted when you met her?
AY: Absolutely. I met her in New York and she came to one of my shows and after the show I was backstage in the green room and she was on her way up to meet me and that was the most nerve-racking few minutes of my life just waiting to meet Taylor Swift. When I met her she was glowing and I was too. It's hard to put into words, but I was definitely wonder-struck to meet her.
当然~~我在纽约见到她,她当时是来看我的一个表演,之后捏,我在后台,她来见我。等她的这段时间是我这辈子最要命的几分钟了。我见到她时,我们都很热情。这很难用语言表达,但是你懂的= =
US: So if you guys were emailing, why do you think nothing ever happened?
AY: I don't know. I think I'm not the most romantic and eloqu


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  1. 路瑶 Bentham 2011年06月16日 23:46:37 举报
  2. 李承 2011年06月16日 23:48:49 举报
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  3. 郑浩然 2011年06月16日 23:49:37 举报
    我觉得他俩不太搭 ~
  4. 李宇✿.Mon 2011年06月16日 23:50:23 举报
    很喜欢adam啊。。和小美女 一起最好了。。
  5. 徐婕艾特 2011年06月16日 23:50:27 举报
    回复路瑶 Astrid:这个人是谁啊?不会是那个美国偶像里面出来的吧??
  6. 吴晓东Greyson。 2011年06月16日 23:50:43 举报
    要努力啊= =
  7. 路瑶 Bentham 2011年06月16日 23:51:07 举报
    回复徐婕艾特:Owl city 挺有才的一个小伙子 歌好听...
  8. 许炀 2011年06月16日 23:52:02 举报
  9. 徐婕艾特 2011年06月16日 23:52:10 举报
    回复路瑶 Astrid:原来如此啊,嘿嘿
  10. 张蒙蒙MayDay 2011年06月16日 23:56:41 举报
  11. 王静 2011年06月16日 23:58:00 举报
    顶你!Taylor 很难驾驭啊 加油啊
  12. 南宝❤vela 2011年06月17日 00:02:29 举报
    adam多好啊 tay怎么不知道珍惜呢。。
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