2010-06-06 23:28

Torres reveals France torment

Star striker warns of complacency dangers in South Africa

Spain are being hotly tipped to build on their European glory by winning the World Cup in South Africa, and should such expectations be fulfilled, Torres will be indebted to the pain of the loss in Hannover. 

"In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, France taught us a big lesson," he said.  
"They had players of a superior level, but because Zidane was close to retirement and they hadn't played well in group games we thought we would get through. In that match they showed us why there were better than us. 
"They had the experience of winning titles and knew what big competition was all about. They were not afraid of being in the last 16. They didn't feel the pressure. They played their game the way they knew how and they were all over us. 
"They had been playing together a long time and despite all the criticism they won when they needed to, just like all great teams. From that moment on we began to build a block, a style, an identity. 
"Thanks to Aragones and despite all the criticism which rained down on us, that was the turning point. 
"The more the manager was criticised, the more we were with him. And from then on, we were as one - the players and the coach. We went on to win everything through the Euros." 
Torres said anticipation of his team's success could prove to be their undoing in this summer's competition, with pressure on Vicente del Bosque's side likely to be higher given their success of two years previous. 
The Spaniards' passage into the knockout stages appears to be a favourable one, with Honduras, Chile and Swi


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